Saturday, November 9, 2013


Hello! Today was a rather good day. Started of with going to the gym and then meeting someone special. I have the feeling that I should start wearing warmer clothes, which is a shame, because I like the chilly feeling as long as it's not too cold. I'm not ready for winter.

I love accessories, but I always forget them, so from now on I'll put keep accessories in my bag, so when I'm on my way to someplace, I'd find it.

Another thing is that sometimes girls wear "see-through" skin colour tights, I don't like it. It seems so sparkly and obvious, sometimes they even itch. 

Top- Pimkie
Skirt- Romwe
Shoes- H&M

I NEED to start wearing accessories!!!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Hello! I hope you didn't think I'd do a one time hit move. I'm here to stay. Lately, I've noticed that slowly, but surely high waist skirt is getting less popular. Just look at Kenzas blog! She's got plenty of outfits with skirt under a top or sweater and they look gorgeous. 

I also always wanted to wear creepers, but I always worry that their shape would distort me slightly.

About my ginger hair- I like it, despite societies jokes and prejudice.

Earrings- Six
Shirt- Vintage
Skirt- H&M
Creepers- England 
You can get them almost anywhere in London

Friday, November 1, 2013

Furry friend

Before I get any hatemail- the jacket isn't made of a real animal.

However, it is quite warm, just not as warm as it looks like.

It took me lots of courage to wear it, since I thought I'd look like I'm getting ready for Siberia or Antartica!

There's no need to be shy about clothing that you like. I love this coat, but I never wore it until today. I've have it for half a year now..

                                                                                                                                                                    Short post! Enjoy your clothes and don't be shy.

P.S. I never fully quit blogging.

Coat- H&M
Sunglasses- Random Latvian store
Shoes- Chaussea
Pants- H&M
Necklace- H&M
Bracelet- Lindex

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hey! Long time- no see! I've been enjoying life and loving school. I honestly think it's fun! Wait until I have my exams, then I'll probably look back and wonder what on earth I was talking about.

As it's getting colder and colder, I'm getting closer to wearing my Macklemore style coat. I want to get the Olsen look- a big faux coat with black tights and wedges with a black dress or anything simple with winter accessories. 

I have always feared winter due to its low temperature and mild colds or coughs, but now I saw the bright side of it! In winter it's easier to workout in the gym, have absent teachers, have the perfect excuse to wear similar outfits (including the coat) and be late to school or meeting with yet another perfect excuse!

I'm also thinking of colouring my hair in the winter, here are the options: honey brown, blonde or dirty blonde.

My hair philosophy: if you're more tanned than usual; you have a better chance of rocking a crazy colour that's darker or more saturated. If you're pale you have a better chance of pulling of a lighter colour than usual. This probably applies to few people.

Bandana- New Yorker
Top- Jennyfer
Bracelet- Lindex
Leggings- available everywhere

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Profile photo

 Hey! I'm having a typical girly crisis- I don't know what profile I should have. I also thought it would be a good chance to find the position and angle I look best in. Take a vote :)





Please let me know :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Last day before school

Hello! I hope you have realized that all my outfit posts are from a few days ago. I like to prepare my photos and the text written, so if I'm on the go I only need to press a button to publish a post. 

I have to go back to school and I'm slightly in denial. It's just unreal, because I already went to school in summer. It may not have been a typical school, but a driving school, but I still spent 3 hours in a classroom.

I also want to change my facebook profile photo, so I might make a post about it. Some people don't see the importance in it, but I rarely change them so it is quite a big deal for some people who also have this habit.

Jacket: ASOS
Top: Amisu
Bracelet: Lindex
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Hairband: Accessorize 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kitty cat

Hello! Those who have been reading my blog for a while now probably know I'm into some things that are easy to wear, but attract attention. I like to change my style a bit every time.

Lately, I wear quite a lot of vintage items. I think I'll do that more often now, because in store a lot of things feel so ordinary and let's face it! It's made by low wage workers that don't get treated right.

Shoes- random shoe store in Trier
Shorts- Bik Bok
Top- vintage
Kitty ears- gifted